The Glass Cube is your Canvas
The Plants are your Colors
And let the Rocks & Woods be your Models 

Create - Sustain - Admire

At Home with Nature

Over the decade NatureCube has been the provider of best in the world technologies, supplies and consultancy for aquarium and terrarium for both professionals and hobbyists.

Backed by a strong international supply chain, years on hands-on experience and driven by passions of dedicated aquarium hobbyists we not only help in setting up a dream aquatic world of your own but also more importantly ensure the sustainability of the creation as it thrives for years in front of your eyes, every day, bit by bit. . 

Clown Kili Fish

We are committed to bring Nature close to you and will help you to create and maintain a "Living Art” . 

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Your own

Underwater Gardens

It’s not just about aquariums but it’s all about re-creating nature and natural biotopes in an aquarium.

If you desire to set up, and more importantly, want to sustain a truly beautiful aquarium, let years of research and the finest of equipment from around the world support you in that.

Nature Awareness

Paying a visit to

Mother Nature

With "Wild Roots" as our partner, we run Nature Awareness programs for Children and Adults alike and share with them hands-on the knowledge and tranquility Mother Nature gifts us with open arms .

More Details Coming
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In your Livingroom

We need to understand rainforests and their impact on our lives. We felt what can be a better way than bringing a miniature rainforest in your living room.

To create your own rainforest, we bring to you semi-aquatic or fully terrestrial state-of- the-art Terrarium technologies from the following market leaders


From small Table Top setups

to big Corporate Installations

Have a look at our various setups.

Learn the stories behind them


Aquascaping, Maintenance, Consultancy

Whether you need a hand to set up your aquarium or terrarium or would like some professional support to help it flourish over the years, we are just a call away.


We also serve a number of retailers who resells our products thru a strong and professionally managed supply chain.

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Ripples - Kolkata

Chlorophyll - New Delhi

To spread the idea of "Living Art Under Water" in form Nature Aquariums, Terrariums etc, we have started engaging with following focused channel partners. From world class imported aquarium & terrarium products, tissue cultured aquarium plants, exotic aquarium fishes & snails, consider these as your one-stop shop.

Available Product Lines
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Premium Aquariums
Premium Aquariums

Premium Aquariuma

Premium Terrariums
Premium Terrariums
High Quaity Lights
High Quaity Lights
Additives & Conditioners
Additives & Conditioners
Minerals & Fish Food
Minerals & Fish Food
Tissue Cultured Plants
Tissue Cultured Plants
Exotic Fishes
Exotic Fishes
Featured Product Highlights

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Arowana Tanning Lights: ARO-10
Arowana Tanning Lights: ARO-10

.Colour Enhancing Light for all freshwater aquarium fishes It enhances your fish colour and not your water IPx8 level waterproof Sizes available from 2ft to 6ft aquariums

LED Aquarium Lights: COLOR UP 2
LED Aquarium Lights: COLOR UP 2

Specially tune UVA and UVB spectrums for most effective tanning IPx8 Waterproof up to 1 m. Can and should be placed inside the aquarium for best tanning results Sizes available from 2ft to 5ft aquariums

Special Offers

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Hang On Back Filter (Shiruba, Taiwan) + 
Filter Media (Bio Home, UK)
Hang On Back Filter (Shiruba, Taiwan) + Filter Media (Bio Home, UK)

1) Shiruba PF-1000 (HOB Filter). Rs.2,200. 1 year warranty For use in 100 L or less aquariums Max water flow rate 720 L/Hr Designed and made in Taiwan 2) Bio Home (1kg) worth. Rs.2,000 • One of the best Manmade Filter media in the world. Sintered Glass medium No chance of clogging MRP. Rs.4,200 Get Only at Rs.3,899

Filter Media (Bio Home, UK)  + 
Additive to enhance Water Quality (Easy Filter Powder, Germany)
Filter Media (Bio Home, UK) + Additive to enhance Water Quality (Easy Filter Powder, Germany)

1) Bio Home (1kg). Worth Rs.2,000 2) Easy Filter Powder (60g) Worth Rs.1,400 Total Amount. Rs.3,400 Get Only at Rs.3000

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