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While we continued with out business of aquarium and terrarium product distribution and custom projects, we soon realized that it's very important that we have an experience zone for our customers to come and see our products and creation. Our gallery "RIPPLES" was an outcome of that thought.


Our city Kolkata can be considered as a cradle of aquarium hobby in India. But our experience as aquarium hobbyists over last 3 decades made us realize that the excitement around this beautiful hobby of fish keeping is stagnating. This was mainly due non availability of quality products and technologies or new assortments of fish or plants.


A first of it's kind gallery in Calcutta RIPPLES has been conceptualized as a natural aquarium store filled with vibrant aquatic plants, a unique selection of healthy tropical fish, quality supplies and the inspiration to get you excited about keeping aquariums again.  

Our focus is on the Nature Aquarium style of freshwater aquarium design. Nature Aquariums combine aquatic plants with artistically designed layouts of wood and stone to create a beautiful ecosystem in miniature.  We take pride in giving our customers excellent customer service and have over 30 years of experience to draw from.


At its heart, RIPPLES is an independent, Aquarium Gallery, from where we can serve the basic needs of most freshwater aquarium owners, even if the Nature Aquarium is not your style.  Our goal is to mentor our clients in creating the aquarium of their dreams.


It was great honor for us when RIPPLES featured in the prestigious ADA Aqua Journal in the year 2016

We have also recently introduced terrariums and paludariums to our service offering.


We invite you to visit our beautiful showroom and Nature Aquarium gallery.

We have moved to a New Address!

208 Hussainpur, Madurdaha, Kolkata 700107

Very Near Kalikapur More, Abhishikta, E.M. Bypass

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More LiveStocks

Wider Product Options


A Fabulous Brand New Gallery


Thank you for your Love and Support to make this possible

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Wishing a Fond Adieu to our old Home....

From where Ripples started its journey


About Our Partners

To spread the idea of "Living Art Under Water" in form Nature Aquariums, Terrariums etc, we have started engaging with following focused channel partners.

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