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At NatureCube and Ripples, we deal with the very best quality glass tanks, lights, filters, CO2 units, substrates, hard scape, additives, plants, livestock... essentially everything you need to setup and maintain a world-class Aquarium or Terrarium.


Here are some of them ...

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Frodo Stone
In Stock

A rare and sought after due to the character and detail found on these rocks. Colours vary from brownish to grey. The rugged and interesting surface lends themselves well to Iwagumi style aquascaping. Ideal for a rocky mountain style scape, or combine with wood for a nature aquarium style layout.

Ouko Stone
In Stock

This is a sedimentary stone with an unique bright yellowish tone which highlights the layout. It has an irregular surface with many depressions which is great for a landscape layout. This can be combines with stem plants in the background or even with just ground cover plants. This is an excellent stone for the Iwagumi style layouts.

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