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Mini Cactus Terrarium

We at Ripples continue to experiment with different layout ideas. So when Team Ripples, was tasked to create a water-less scape, they were initially little unsure. But then they came up with this fantastic little terrarium with Cactus. It’s water-less but then it definitely has other elements of aquascaping design principles in it.

Cactus Terrarium @ Ripples Kolkata Showroom

For creating the terrarium, the team choose the DOOA Neo Glass air, mini aquarium series, from ADA. These fantastic mini sapphire glass containers with raised bottom glass gives a unique feel of sophistication. The raised glass gives a feeling that whatever is in the container is floating in air. For further details about this product, please check:

DOOA Neo Glass Air

The “Flat Nano” series from ONF Taiwan was chosen for lighting.

ONF Flat Nano LED Light

The “Flat Nano” is a design masterpiece and can be used for any mini aquarium of terrarium.

It has a touch base light intensity controller, in increments of 100%-75%-50%-25%-100%.

The spectrum also has significant red portion, which is likely to help the terrestrial plants.

Further details about the light can be obtained at

ONF Flat Nano Spectral Combination

The light has a brightness level of 1300 lm. While we are no experts as far as Cacti as a species is concerned but we think the species used here is Echinopsis, a large genus of cacti native to South America ( The cactus seems to be loving the light. Considering that the terrarium receives practically no direct sunlight, the growth so far is more than satisfactory. One can easily make out the fresh green tips.

Cactus Terrarium @ Ripples Kolkata Showroom

So Team Ripples could finally make this concept of mini waterless scape a reality. A pleasant yet challenging diversion from the aquascapes that they do day in day out.

Happy team and may be some inspired customer, who would like to try out this, not so ordinary but elegant, easy to maintain miniature slice of Nature. It can be great addition for our customer's table tops in either their homes or offices!!

Readers are requested to come down to our gallery and check the terrarium for themselves. We can also be reached at 9830009691.

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Earl Fleming
Earl Fleming
Oct 30, 2022

Hi, I was happy to read your blog about cacti in terrariums. On the birthday of a friend I want to give a small cactus farm in a terrarium, as she is fond of it. It would be cool if you also made videos on this topic, for example, you can convert videos using this site. I hope to see some more of the same cool blogs from you!