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The Young Naturalist

Updated: Apr 11, 2020



Do you think nature can be found only in Geography? Can you just close your eyes and let your imagination provide serenity to your soul? The aesthetic Beauty of Nature lacks in words to define. Nature is in air, nature is in the vast ocean as well but have you ever thought of experiencing both at the same time? Why go for any other source of peace when you have all the forms of nature inside a glass cube? Here is how I got inspired from, to present something when asked to participate in the Science exhibition conducted by Young phoenix public school, Bhubaneswar.

The exhibition was held on 22nd December 2019.

The main objective of conducting this event in the school is introducing something new to the audience. In any science exhibition it is typical to find things like model of heart or brain. No- one thinks of nature to be represented in a science exhibition. So when my father suggested me of this, I and my team members decided to build and display mini, self-sustaining aquatic world in form of NATURE AQUARIUM.

The Team

While I was the team leader, I was ably helped by my team members -- TANISHA SARANGI (the script maker), MANAB  MALLICK and IPSITA MOHANTY (creative artist).

The Young Naturalists

Project Objectives

As a part of Botany block of our exhibition, our objectives of making this mini NATURE AQUARIUM were as follows: Observe the processes of photosynthesis and nitrogen and ammonia cycles are carried out within the confines of a glass cube Build and display a mini thriving ecosystem and understand the basics of how a sustainable environment can be maintained

Nature Aquarium on Display

Visitor Reactions

Being the very first batch of STD XI of our school, we felt very satisfied while introducing the best model where all the forms of nature were present. Our principal Mrs. Sujata Mohanty, Administrative - Mr. Debashish Ray and Secretary-- Mr. Pratush Dash were greatly impressed by our work and were amazed to see such a beautiful set-up.

Admiring a slice of Nature in a glass Cube

Team Takeaway

I and my team members felt very satisfied when the visitors appreciated our work and understood our motto, that is , how a natural aquarium is useful in keeping the environment fresh. People are taking supply of oxygen as granted. Many do not understand the need to protect the trees and plant more of them. People staying in apartment (flats) do not get sufficient space to plant trees and so if someone is unable to plant trees he/she can install a natural aquarium where the green tones of the plants will provide relaxation to both mind and the oxygen released by the aquatic plants will be beneficial to the body.

Nature is neither good nor bad , sentimental nor discriminatory. We enjoy its gifts and learn from it.

Acknowledgement and next steps

I would like to thank my father Mr. Sailendu Mohanty who is associated with Nature cube ( as technology specialist.  He helped me to get into the depth of the topic and know what a natural aquarium is all about. I would also like to thank Mr. Gautam Gupta (the Captain and mentor of Nature cube) for supporting us.



This blog post has been written by Ms. Sunaainaa Mohanty about her experience of displaying a Nature Aquarium in her school exhibition. For reader’s information, Sunaainaa is daughter of Mr. Sailendu Mohanty, an old timer and key member of Team Nature Cube. She is currently studying in Std. 12 at Young Phoenix School, Bhubaneswar, Odhisha.

Way to go Sunaainaa ! Wish you the very best.

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Sunaainaa mohanty ur father's idea is mind blowing but what are u doing... When u hv a plan then participate in exhibition so dont copy ur father's idea exhibition means represent only ur ideas towards public not ur father's idea best of luck...Our future is not in safe hands

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