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There’s more to ADA – Suikei Liquid, than what meets the eyes…

Day 01: July 7th, 2019

I purchased the ADA SUIKEI LIQUID - 200 ML, from Nature-Cube Aquarium Showroom, Kolkata, as a follow up to the advice I got from Mr. Gautam Gupta, owner of the facility, during the WILDROOTS Citizen Science Programme which we executed with the students of Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata, West Bengal.  

I have always been curious about starting a small Natural Aquarium Setup at home, being inspired by Mr. Gupta who introduced me to the marvels of Late. Takashi Amano, founder owner of Aqua Design Amano, Japan, that manufactures such awesome fertilizers and other aquarium materials.

Designed for growing and maintaining submerged aquatic plants only, as the text on the container of the Suikei Liquid said, I indeed used it first in my newly setup cube aquarium, where I planted some basic underwater plants and some mosses which I obtained from some local sources.

Day 02: July 10th, 2019

I am amazed by the amount of Nitrogen and other trace elements which are present in the Suikei Liquid. Ran some basic tests at the School’s Laboratory, which yielded the results which are absolutely off the charts. May be that is the reason the dosage was prescribed to be 1ml to every 10 litres of water.

Day 03: July 12th, 2019

I have a few Orchid species in my collection, some of which I bought online or from some Botanical Fairs in Shillong and Guwahati. Most of them are Dendrobium Species, and there’s one which is particularly my favourite, that stopped flowering last year. For two consecutive years the Orchid gave wonderful pink-purple flowers which gladdened the heart of both me and my mother. But as the plant went into a state of dormancy, even repotting and placing it in the correct spots, didn’t help it to flower.

And then it struck me! What if I use the Suikei Liquid on it? Will it make any difference?

Day 04: July 14th, 2019

It’s an important day for me. I did a new experiment with an aquatic plant fertilizer today. Mixed amount 1 ml of the Suikei Liquid into 5 litres of water and sprayed evenly on the Orchid. For better, I even soaked the entire pot into the fertilizer dissolved in water. Let’s see if any difference is observed. By the evening, I could see that there was a shine on the leaves.

I repeated the same, once a week for about two weeks.

Day 05: July 29th, 2019

It is a sheer delight to see three flowering shoots sprout out of the shoots. It seems that the liquid fertilizer has triggered the flowering. I also observed new shoots growing. Amazing indeed!

There were flowering from the three shoots that seemed to come back to life. The Flowers looks bright and healthy. The Experiment was actually successful and the only wonderful inference I have to give is the fact that the ADA Product could work in Terrestrial Plants as well, in my case the Orchid. It could open up a new application area, altogether.  

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