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Some people have the passion, some have the knowledge and some have the skill. But when it all comes together in a single person, it can only create magic. Seema is that unique person with magic in her fingers. A nature lover by heart, her forté lies in turning your home into a luxurious abode.

Seema is a young entrepreneur who decided to take the plunge into the world of nature after having had a successful career in the corporate world. Her innate sense of style helps in magically transforming a humble home into a thing of beauty.

Seema is a planter with a passion. After having helped her friends and family turn their homes and workplaces into works of art, she has now decided to go pro. Her extensive knowledge about plants, her eye for details and her skill at nurturing make her an absolute delight to work with.

Seema is based in Gurgaon and runs her own nursery by the name CHLOROPHYLL.

In the quest of understanding and expanding the world of Living Art and under water ning, Seema and CHLOROPHYLL team has decided to partner with us.

Services offered by CHLOROPHYLL:

- Gardening
- Vertical Gardening
- Nature Aquariums
- Terrariums
- Koi Ponds and many more

Koi Pond.jpg
Chlorophyll Contact.jpg


New Delhi

Contact Person   : Mrs. Seema Das Gupta

Southern Peripheral Road
Near Tata Primanti,
Garden Estate, Sector 72, Haryana
+91 98311 68046

About Our Partners

To spread the idea of "Living Art Under Water" in form Nature Aquariums, Terrariums etc, we have started engaging with following focused channel partners.

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