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Rain Forests in your Living Room

Once rainforests covered 14% of our World, now it covers only 6%. We are losing 1.5 acres of rainforests every second ( Consequences are going to be devastating.


We need to understand rainforests and their impact on our lives. We felt what can be a better way than bringing a miniature rainforest in your living room.

To create your own rainforest, we bring to you semi-aquatic or fully terrestrial state-of- the-art Terrarium technologies from the following market leaders

DOOA Kolkata, Terrarium, DOOA

DOOA the latest brand of products from ADA, allows you to enjoy aquatic plants both in their immersed as well as submersed form. There are very few plants that are truly aquatic. In nature, the aquatic plants display totally different characteristics in their submersed and immersed forms. DOOA allows you to enjoy that drama in your living room in an easy to use fun filled way.


Imagine the water line of your local pond or a stream that you had seen during a forest trip, the miniature setups from DOOA, an outcome of minimalist Japanese design, allows you to enjoy nature in a very non-intrusive way.

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To quote them, “Biopod is a self-contained eco system that replicates real environment”. Biopod’s vision is to develop products that are innovative in design and function, inspiring users too experience and participate in the conservation of nature.

A microcontroller based glass box, Biopod let’s you to choose the environment you want to create and the balance settings of temperature, light, rainfall intensity is decided by the intelligent embedded application.

Whether you are a conservation enthusiast, a kitchen garden user or an exotic indoor gardener, Biopod offers you a number of innovative usage solutions.

A true IoT (Internet of Things) application, Biopod offers you an app for your android or iPhone. This app not only allows you to control your Biopod but also using the inbuilt camera lets you to look at the Biopod from wherever you are.

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Biopod Kolkata, Terrarium

Known as the beginner's setup, the high performance yet affordably priced products can be a stunning addition on your table top or on that corner shelf.

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