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Whether you need a hand to set up your aquarium or terrarium or would like some professional support to help it flourish over the years, we are just a call away.


We also serve a number of retailers who resells our products thru a strong and professionally managed supply chain.

Design & Scaping

Whether it’s a home aquarium solution or for a public place, we provide necessary aquascaping and designing service to help you build your dream aquarium or terrarium.


We have the necessary blend of artistic as well as scientific skills to give shape to your dreams.


Periodic maintenance is critical to sustain an aquascape or a terrarium.


We provide necessary maintenance charts & manuals for each of our setups so that you can take care of your setups. If you so desire, our well-equipped services team can also assist you with the periodic maintenance activities.


We want this noble hobby of bringing nature to each and every household. We alone cannot do so. Hence we have many business
partners and retailers as a part of strong distribution network to make our products and services available in Eastern India reaching out to International Markets of Nepal and Bangladesh as well.


On the lines of traditional FMCG business, our sales force goes and directly serve many retail outlets to have a strong market representation of our products.

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